At the University of Toronto, I work closely with Dr. Blair Wheaton and Dr. Melissa Milkie.

Blair Wheaton, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto
Dr. Wheaton is a specialist in the areas of quantitative methods and the sociology of mental health. Currently, he is studying the integration of temporal and spatial influences on mental health in individual lives over time, with an emphasis on past (including early) residential environments in the determination of mental health across adulthood. His next project studies this through a twenty-year follow-up of children interviewed for his study of Toronto families in the 1990’s, focusing on the impact of “gender-egalitarian” households on children’s lives as they move through the life course into middle adulthood. Read more here.

Melissa Milkie, Professor of Sociology and Graduate Chair, University of Toronto
Dr. Milkie’s research is centered in the areas of gender, work, family, culture, and mental health. Professor Milkie also systematically examines family dynamics, especially linked to the work-family interface, including how parents’ work-family roles shape children’s health, how a spouse’s work conflicts affect the other partner, and how children influence parents’ mental health. Some of her research assesses cultural models of gender, work and family and of cultural images of social groups like girls, mothers, or African-Americans – which can be stereotypical and narrow and thus detrimental to health. Read more here.